Traditional Malay Performance

Langkawi is a highly appealing tourist destination for both international tourists as well as Malaysian domestic travellers, especially those with special interests in culture, heritage and arts. Besides traditional Malay experience, the “Jewel of Kedah”, is a must-visit vacation paradise for great food and tranquil beaches. Langkawi is an archipelago of geologic and ecologic significance. The islands offer some of the best views and purity of nature you can find in Asia.

There are many reasons why this underrated tropical island should be your next stop. In between your fun-filled trip to Langkawi, the beach is the perfect place to soak up some sun and unwind. The tropical island boasts some of the best white sandy beaches in the world. You can walk along the beautiful beach that is just begging for footprints. Also, you can take a dip into the clear waters ideal for swimming.

Langkawi has some of the best authentic Malay architecture. It’s worth mentioning that there are no high-rise buildings in the tropical island, and much of the developments are traditional buildings. In Langkawi, cultural heritage is evident in the form of buildings or artefacts, people’s values, attitudes and way of life. The island’s performing arts scene is packed with an exciting array of traditional Malay performance all year round.

Ayer Hangat Village is built on 5 acres of land on the Telaga Jantan and Telaga Betina, and Telaga Anak, which are the three primary sources of the saltwater hot springs. During the Malay cultural heritage tour hosted by Ayer Hangat Village, visitors get a glimpse into Malay custom weddings. Weddings of the Malay community are usually festive, grand and fun-filled affairs, which may extend to over several days. The akad nikah is usually the first ceremony where the marriage is solemnized. The bersanding (sitting-in-state ceremony) is the highlight of the wedding that is followed by a big feast for family and friends. You can have the authentic wedding experience at Ayer Hangat Village.

Ayer Hangat Village hosts bamboo musical concerts performed by a small group of children and adults with colorful and beautiful dances. Bamboo dream offerings include a selection of bamboo art performances and traditional dances including Tarian Bamboo, Wayang Kulit demonstration (shadow puppet show), Malaysia Truly Asia Dance and much more. The performers use traditional bamboo musical instruments. Learn more about local Malay culture in Langkawi and the many uses of bamboo. For example, you get to enjoy some delicious local Malay dishes made with bamboo.

The bamboo tour is great for both local and visitors, and you are sure to have a good time with family and friends. Visitors can expect a breathtaking performance where the dancers present a selection of Malaysia’s unique cultural heritage.
Music is undoubtedly the most universal of the performing arts in Malaysia society. For many years, music has been an integral part of other traditional performing art forms. Music is performed in a full range of festivals including marriages, funerals, rituals, celebrations, basically all kinds of entertainment and social functions.

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures with diverse kinds of music and dance that are a fusion of varying cultural influences. Ayer Hangat hosts regular events where visitors can be mesmerized with upbeat traditional and Malay performance. The village showcases some of the well-known Malay performance arts including Bangsawan theatre, Dondang Sayang love ballad and Mak Inang dance from Malacca Sultanate, Jikey and Mek Mulung theatre from Kedah, Asyik dance and Menora dance drama from Patani and Kelantan, Ulek mayang and Rodat dance from Terengganu, Boria theatre from Penang, Canggung dance from Perlis, Mukun narrative songs from Brunei and Sarawak,  Gending Sriwijaya from Palembang,Serampang Dua Belas dance from Serdang and Zapin Api firedance from Riau.

When you visit Ayer Hangat Village, we recommend walking through the Malay Warisan House (heritage) and explore the old Malay Architecture. At the in-house Malay Heritage Gallery, visitors can learn the life of Malay, starting from birth until the end of his days. This is a major highlight for many local visitors and foreigners. In case you are a food enthusiast, make good use of the visit to try out some of Langkawi’s culinary delights.

In case you wondering about the weather, Langkawi is a tropical destination year-round. The sunniest months are usually January and February. Whenever it rains on the island, mostly it means a refreshing and brief shower, with bright skies all other hours.
When it comes to accessing Langkawi, the island is only a one-hour flight from the capital Kuala Lumpur. Rental cars and motorbikes are a popular means of transportation on the island. Langkawi has decently maintained roads making it easy to move around and explore. In case you are travelling by sea, you can take a ferry from several ports, including Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, or Penang. You can even book a ferry from Satun (Thailand).

Ayer Hangat Village

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