Top 10 Things to Do In Langkawi

Comprising of 99 islands in Malaysia’s beautiful west coast, Langkawi is known for its mystical legends, rare saltwater hot springs, exquisite beaches, extensive rainforests and superb duty-free shopping and more! The hidden gem offers a treasure of unique activities that will make for a fun-filled holiday.

Langkawi boasts surreal beauty and unmatched greenery. Visitors are assured of an incredible visit with loads of cherished memories. As much as there are countless reasons to visit the exclusive tropical destinations, here are 10 to get you started! 

Take a dip in Ayer Hangat hot springs
Ayer Hangat Village is as unique as the natural beauty within its vicinity. Visitors can spot surrounding flora and fauna. Here, you can dip into rejuvenating and healing natural springs as you enjoy breathtaking views of a tropical paradise. It’s a perfect place to bring your family and friends for a memorable experience during your vacation or weekend getaway. 

Ayer Hangat is nature’s unique health spa in Langkawi. It’s situated at a tranquil location a few minutes drive from the main activity area of Pantai Cenang. Ayer Hangat is notably one of only eight saltwater hot springs found around the world (only one in Malaysia). It’s the only natural hot spring surrounded by wetlands on a tropical island. 

At the village, you can check out a traditional Langkawi house that hosts scheduled cultural shows and pottery making classes. When it comes to the natural spa experience, you have a choice of three main areas to enjoy the saltwater hot springs.

There are 12 private Jacuzzis for visitors who may want some privacy, and enjoy a more full-bodied experience. It’s a wonderful experience to calm the body, mind and soul. The healing waters are proven to soothe aching feet and are good for the skin. You can enjoy total body rejuvenating soak in the hot saltwater Jacuzzi.

Soaking the feet in the Ayer Hangat hot springs offers many benefits. It’s an excellent way to remove any tiredness or aches during the trip. The village utilizes traditional Malay wellness techniques that will have you refreshed and feeling like a new person. The Malay traditional wellness program will encompass the use of herbs and plants that have been utilized for generations in the Malay community.

We highly recommend the natural saltwater spa for those looking to detoxify the body, relieve rheumatologic aches, and to soothe sports injuries and just enjoy body relaxation. Soak in the warm waters as you unwind with family or friends. The waters have a constant temperature to maintain the healing properties throughout the soak.

If you love Malay culture, you can watch a Malay traditional bamboo musical concert performed by a small group of children and adults with colorful and beautiful dances. Bamboo Dream at Ayer Hangat also presents selections of bamboo art performances and traditional dances such as Tarian Bamboo, Wayang Kulit demonstration (shadow puppet show), Malaysia Truly Asia Dance and much more.

Langkawi cable car
Few other island destinations offer as much range of adventure that Langkawi can offer. If you are travelling to Langkawi, then the Skybridge cable car ride is definitely worth a try. It’s an opportunity to get the entire view of the island during the 15-minute ride from the base station to the peak. 

The base station is situated at the Oriental Village, a theme shopping centre consisting of individually designed buildings that showcase Malay architecture. Take the thrilling ride to the top of Mt. Gunung Machincang where you get an unparalleled 360-degree view of surrounding islands and landscapes. You can take some memorable pictures at the top. 

Honeymoon vacation
Your wedding should be a special day in your life, and many couples go the extra mile in finding the perfect wedding and honeymoon location. Langkawi is increasingly becoming a popular wedding destination for many couples. Besides being a shopper’s paradise, the island is also a lover’s paradise with plenty of romantic locations where you can celebrate your special union with your dearest. 

Do some holiday shopping
What’s a perfect holiday without some shopping? If you’re intent on carting off duty-free alcohol, cigarettes and chocolate during your holiday vacation, then Langkawi is the place to be. However, there are a couple of things to note when it comes to doing duty-free shopping on the island. As much as Langkawi is a duty-free island, all the shopping centers do not provide the items at duty-free prices. There are a variety of stores and shopping centers that are specifically designated for duty-free shopping. 

You can buy duty-free stuff as soon as you arrive in Langkawi. Prices at the airport may be higher, so we recommend getting to the town where products are comparatively cheaper. Most of the shops are situated in Kuah Town and other shopping centres on the island. How much of the products can you carry to your home country? Well, this primarily depends on custom restrictions in your own home country. 
Chocolates are as much as 30-40% cheaper than Kuala Lumpur. Shoppers are spoiled, looking at the varieties. We recommend checking the expiry dates so that you buy products with a long shelf life. Liquor wine and beer are also really cheap, especially compared to other regions such as Kuala Lumpur. A golden tip: Some shops offer as much as 10% discounts if you pay in cash instead of a credit card. So do confirm with the attendant before paying. 

Do you love perfumes? You can purchase duty-free perfumes of various brands. At most of the places on the island, you have access to a range of designer fragrances at comparatively low prices. A lot of visitors can also buy cooking ware and cutlery items such as pans, pots, cups & dishes. Bags and suitcases are super cheap too. In case you purchasing a lot of stuff, it’s a good idea to buy extra luggage or suitcases at one of the shops. When it comes to sportswear, there are lots of great brands with great discounts! As you walk or drive around the town center, you will find the shopping stores in plenty. 

Langkawi Island is recognized as an excellent diving destination with an expansive underwater world. The clean turquoise water continues to teem with life. Langkawi is home to thousands of species of fish, extensive corals and other marine wildlife. There are several islands around Langkawi with excellent diving sites for snorkelling and diving. If you are adrenaline enthusiast, you can go for Jet Ski tours to explore desolate islands & beaches around the island. The Jet Ski tours are especially fun when visiting as a group. It’s a 4-hour jet-ski tour to experience the delights of the Langkawi Archipelago. 

Jungle trekking
As much as Langkawi is highly rated for beautiful beaches, the interior of the main island is no exception in terms of raw natural beauty. The island has extensive, dense rainforests and lush rice paddies. A trek into the jungle is especially recommended for bird-watchers and animal lovers. A local guide can help you explore the jungle by water too. You can take a thrilling paddle in a kayak and get an up-close of stunning rock formations. In case you travelling by a guide, he/she can introduce you to some of the best regional cuisines, besides, also give valuable suggestions on the best places to visit. 

Water Falls Picnic
Need some scenery and adventure away from the beach? We highly recommend a short drive down to one of the beautiful waterfalls in Langkawi. There are several waterfalls on the island that are surrounded by amazing greenery. Enjoy an early morning walk among nature and perhaps take a refreshing quick dip in the natural pools. You can even carry some snacks and have a picnic by the waterfalls. 

For most tourists, a tropical vacation is not complete without the beach. For a more premium getaway, you can stay at one of the upscale resorts along the beach. Langkawi has a pristine coastline, stretching dozens of kilometres. As such, you can expect to find tranquil and less crowded beaches giving you more privacy. During the evening, the beaches offer some of the most spectacular sunsets you can see in Malaysia Peninsular. 

The stunning beaches are one of the major reasons Langkawi has been recognized as a world-class tropical destination for both family vacations and honeymoon. The warm turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea are balm for any soul. When you’ve had enough beach time, how about a visit to the tranquil Ayer Hangat hot springs for much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation!

Langkawi Boat Tours
When you take a boat ride around Langkawi Island, the view from the sea is breathtaking. You can book a scheduled boat tour and explore the various islands, waterways, marine life, secluded beaches, lakes, caves and other attractions of Langkawi. You can choose either shared group tours or private rides depending on your budget. In case you are visiting for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, how about a luxury yacht for a romantic cruise? 

The island hopping tour lets you explore other islands within proximity from Langkawi. Also, there is a Geopark tour that takes you through the Kilim River. You can explore the incredible geopark which has stunning caves, islands, geo formations and mangroves. 

Some visitors take a boat ride to the Marine Park for a refreshing swim and snorkelling. The park boasts many beautiful marine life and corals. You can book a sundowner and enjoy an unforgettable sunset cruise. Also, day-long cruises with barbecue on board are very popular in Langkawi. 

Explore marine life at underwater world Langkawi 
If you love marine life, then the Underwater world Langkawi is a must-visit. It is a magnificent marine aquarium that is home to at least 5,000 species of aquatic life. Visitors can also check out some mammal and reptile species. Are you travelling with friends or family? A visit to the underwater world Langkawi will reveal the beauty of Langkawi’s flora and fauna. Both children and adults also enjoy the 3-D theatre which showcases documentaries on marine life. 

Final thoughts
Suppose you are travelling for a short vacation or weekend getaway in Malaysia. In that case, we recommend hiring a local guide to make the most of your visit and experience an authentic flavour of the island. If you love wildlife, then it’s a great idea to choose one of the top tourism operators who will guide you as you experience the beautiful flora and fauna in Langkawi. Also, there are several organized adventure tours where visitors can explore the offbeat areas such as the rainforests. Enjoy your Langkawi tour! 

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