Things To Do In Langkawi For Couples / Family / With Kids

Langkawi is a different kind of island destination for romantic vacation and family getaway. It’s an archipelago of 99 islands with many attractions and activities, despite your tastes and preferences. Accommodation and custom tours are surprisingly inexpensive, so you don’t have to break the bank. Being in Peninsular Malaysia, prices for family travel and romantic vacations packages are relatively low. 

The island is mostly untapped, and development is relatively minimal for such a beautiful island. However, it has an impressive infrastructure network, especially compared to other famous beach destinations in Malaysia. It’s about an hour flight from Kuala Lumpur, thus perfect for a weekend away. Being close to KL is an advantage for foreign tourists who may be time short. 

Langkawi is the ideal island to explore some of the best natural gems that Peninsular Malaysia has to offer. The paradise island has so much to offer across all age group. For example, you can climb one of the famous mountains on the island. If you prefer less engaging activities with your kids, there are plenty of water and land adventures.

Langkawi with kids
Langkawi is a dream destination for families with its beaches, culture, wildlife, delicious dishes and plenty of kids friendly attractions and activities. Visiting Langkawi with your kids can be an absolute dream. If you’re planning a vacation to Langkawi with young children, we will explore some of the attractions and activities you can explore. 

Family vacations are more often than not dictated by children. However, Langkawi has something for everyone, so that parents can also have fun. The island boasts rich history, culture, food, nature and plenty of outdoor activities.

Langkawi is one of the most culture-rich islands in Malaysia, visiting the island a fascinating and educational experience for both adults and children. In case you and your kids love some beach time, enjoy crystal blue waters, and miles of white sandy beaches that are pristine and mostly empty. 

On the practical side of things, visitors can easily find baby and child supplies in various shops around Langkawi. Whether your kids are in their toddling years or nearly adults, there are plenty of clothes and other supplies you can buy at the tax-free shops. However, some brands may not be available. Thus we recommend packing enough supplies in case you are loyal to one brand.

Perfect for a tropical island getaway, Langkawi is highly rated for family vacations to Malaysia. In this regards, children of all ages will find it fun here. You can stay at one of the beach resorts, and enjoy tranquil, safe beaches with your kids. 

Apart from the beach time, you can take a family ride on the famous glass-bottom sky cab car and capture unbelievable views over jungle and mountain. The magnificent SkyBride is also a major highlight. For some more adrenaline-spiking fun, the sky cab offers adventure rides to really wear them out. Also, the mangrove tours will give your kids all sense of place. 

After all the cultural sights, attractions, and activities reward kids with a few hours at Ayer Hangat village, which is very children friendly. Your family can relax and rejuvenate in the salt hot water springs (There is a kids pool too). Majority of the kid-friendly activities at Ayer Hangat village are centered on the outdoors. If your kids are intrigued by nature (most of them are), how about a fun visit to the extensive rainforests. For more adrenaline, you can take out an ATV and drive past beautiful rice fields and buffalo farms.

Ayer Hangat is the best place to relax after all holiday activities. The modern complex with an authentic village feel consist of ponds, pools, landscaped gardens, spa and even an private Jacuzzi. Majority of visitors, some families with kids, spend the majority of their time in one of these private facilities. 

Guided tours through the jungle reveal animals, including monkeys, and different species of birds. The forests have facilities for family travel including canopy walks, hikes and even animal sanctuary to keep the young ones enthralled. 

How about looking at some art as a family? You don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate the largest 3D art museum at Oriental Village. This place is beautiful, and you and your kids will be certainly be intrigued by the art. You will find yourself posing for photos at nearly every painting. The Underwater World is also popular with kids. Hangout indoors at the aquarium and walk along the tunnel as you watch countless species of fish. Small kids especially love spotting the penguins. 

Langkawi Island is excellent for diving and snorkelling trips. There are plenty of resorts which are great for families and couples, so find one that suits your needs. For a diving weekend to have fun and recharge, Langkawi Island is an excellent place if you are travelling with kids. 

If you love the beach, there’s a lot of pristine beaches to leave your footprints and plenty of restaurants for a well-deserved meal. You can choose to move between beaches by boats. For more adventure, you can go for a jungle hike through the interior.

Sparkling turquoise water and pristine sandy beaches await guests at resorts situated along the idyll eastern coast of Malaysia Peninsular. For dive enthusiasts, you can rent diving equipment for a small fee. If your family loves marine life, this area of Malaysia is a must-visit. 
You can have a fun vacation and teach the little ones some life lessons while at it, for example, by feeding the fish every day. In case you have time, we recommend exploring the beautiful islands around Langkawi on a private tour. 

Romantic vacation
Planning a romantic vacation getaway with your partner? Escape from it all in Langkawi-a short flight from Kuala Lumpur. For some quality time with your nearest and dearest, your resort can organize a romantic cruise. Also, you can go for an adventurous trek into the surrounding virgin jungles. You and your partner can take a glimpse of the islands incredible wildlife while walking hand-in-hand. 

Being less known and mostly untapped, Langkawi Island is less buss busy and tourists, and thus perfect for a quiet and relaxing vacation with your partner. In case you need some romantic date time with your partner, the Ayer Hangat Village is a highly rated date spot. The place is highly recommended for couples who want to experience some traditional wellness experience together. 

What’s a romantic tropical getaway without some romantic stroll along the beautiful shores? Several of Langkawi’s beaches have consistently ranked high when it comes to romantic travel. Langkawi boasts breathtaking sunsets year-round, and you will be instantly tempted to take a few beautiful photos. The intensity and hues are perfect for a romantic evening walk along the beach.

Ayer Hangat Village

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