The Legend

According to legends, 2 families were fighting to separate their children who are in love. Mat Raya has a beautiful daughter, and Mat Cicang a handsome son, and as they are best friends they agreed to marry their children. However on the day of the wedding it was discovered that the Son of Mat Cincang had an affair with another girl. On the night of the wedding, not only were they verbally abusing each other but followed by throwing of the pots and pans of the gravy and kettle of hot water to each other. Then, lightning struck them and changed them to Gunung Raya and Gunung Cincang.

Due to this fight, some main places of the island have changed. The engagement ring fell into the place now known as Tanjung Cincin.

The utensils that are being used were thrown all over during the fight, and thus a place called Kampung Belanga Pecah, where one of the pots fell to.

Where the gravy fell is thus, called Kuah, the main town in Langkawi. The place where the gravy sunk in was called Kisap.

The place where kettle flew, and hot water fell into the ground is called Ayer Hangat (Hot Water)

Ayer Hangat Village

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