Salt Water Hot Spring

The Ayer Hangat Hot spring is one of the 4 saltwater hot springs in the world. The geothermal heat is the source that heat the water. The heat under the ground increases with the depth of the ground (known as the geothermal gradient). As water seeps through deep in the ground , it is being heated by hot stones and then surfaces as spring water on the surface.

This water is believed to be able to dissolve more minerals underground, and with its high mineral content which includes Lithium, and even Radium.

Literally translated as the “Hot Water Village”, the Ayer Hangat Saltwater Hot Springs has been well known since the late 18th century for its clean, transparent water and ideal temperature, which fluctuates between 38 and 40 degrees centigrade. The springs are fed by seawater and underground water heated by the volcanic lava of Gunung Raya. This is one of only four saltwater hot springs in the world along with the springs on Zhaori in Taiwan, Kyushu Island of Japan and Sicily in Italy. Ayer Hangat Village has three open-air pools and a spa pool where visitors can dip in and rejuvenate. There are also 12 private Jacuzzis where you can pamper yourself with the salt hot spring. The Air Hangat Village is a traditional complex with modern amenities decked with an impressive three-tier fountain and an 18m-high carved Riverstone mural, depicting the legend of the Earth-shattering quarrel that erupted during the wedding feast of two giants. This resulted in the spilling of hot water, which created the hot springs.

Benefits of Hot Spring Bath

  • Can relieve stress
  • Makes body clean
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Open the pores of the skin
  • Decrease 13% of sugar level in blood (researched by New Zealand)
  • Improves heart health (Research by Japan)
  • Overcome rashes and skin infections
  • Remove poison or toxin
  • Healing muscle and treating colon
  • Help to heal cold, headache and refreshing foot
  • Get rid of body pain
  • Improve sleeping experience

Additional Information

When you think of hot springs, the first country that would come to mind would be Japan. It’s not that strange to think of the country first given how well-known and well-promoted they are. It wouldn’t be hard to find promotion of a hot water spring hotel in Japan whenever you visit a tourism exhibition. In short, it’s something many associated in Japan and given how dedicated the locals and their government were in promoting their tourism; it’s not that strange.

However, when you’re talking about natural saltwater hot springs, not many might know about it. Again, this is not surprising given there are only three known in the world. Two of them might be a little out of many Malaysian’s ways if you want to spend the weekend with your family relaxing seeing that they’re in Kyushu, Japan and Zhaori, Taiwan.

You would be surprised, however, to learn that you don’t have to break the bank or spend hours on a flight overseas to experience this natural phenomenon. There is one just north of the Malaysian Peninsula where you can take your entire family on a weekend getaway. You might want to set aside some shopping budget because the place you’re heading is a duty-free zone district of Kedah where many, many Malaysians like to splurge whenever they come to visit.

If you guessed Langkawi, you’re correct. If you wonder how you’ve never heard of such a place when you’ve visited before, worry not. It’s no secret that the top tourist locations are in Langkawi. There’s the Kuah Town, where you do all your shopping and Chenang Beach where you spend your time relaxing on a beach. Both are amazing places to visit. However, there are more to Langkawi than the two towns.

Ayer Hangat is what you can count in “what’s more to see in Langkawi?” if you ever find yourself on the Island. The quaint little village holds its charm and has its attraction to keep people who knew about it coming — their saltwater hot spring.

Geologically speaking, this is a natural phenomenon that might have been the result of a volcanic eruption causing cracks in the Earth’s crust millennia ago causing the water to travel deeper underground and heating it. In some places, hot water springs can be too hot for any living things to even be anywhere near it, however, the ones you’d find in Ayer Hangat are just the right temperature for you to dip your toes into it.

If you’re more into legends, however, Ayer Hangat has one of its own. Carefully written on an 18-foot mural on one side of the village, you will find the tale of the village’s origins. It is as fantastical as you’d imagine it.

Legend has it, a long, long time ago, a fight broke out between two giants; Mat Raya and Mat Cincang. This fight started because Mat Raya caught Mat Cincang’s son eying another woman during the wedding reception of the said son to his daughter. The argument escalated and got a little chaotic to a point where pots and pans were thrown. One jug filled with hot water then fell onto the ground, creating hot springs that you can now find in Ayer Hangat.

There are two well known public hot salt water springs in the village. The first one is “Telaga Betina” or “Female Well”. This location is suitable for families and large groups. It consists of several small pools, and the water is calmer. In other words, it’s easier on your skin if it’s your first time dipping your toes into it.

If you’re someone who is used to hot springs, saltwater or not, “Telaga Jantan” or “Male Well” might suit you better. The temperature hovers between 38 ˚C to 42 ˚C, and it is set out in the open air where visitors are not only able to enjoy the warmth of the water, but the breathtaking view of the wetlands surrounding the area. The water here is also ’harsher’ and greener from the high concentration of algae.

Of course, if you wanted a bit more privacy, there are private areas which house twelve independent private jacuzzis, complete with toilets, baths and gazebo. Each of these units can accommodate a group or a family of up to eight people. So, if you prefer to be with your group or family away from other visitors, you might want to consider the option and check if it’s available.

Knowing where the locations of the natural saltwater hot spring are one thing but do you know the health benefit claims it is said to have? Granted there is no scientific research thus far to prove it, or against it, the many people that came to visit would say otherwise.

The natural saltwater hot spring is known to cleanse and detoxify your body. It also speeds up the healing process of wounds and acts as an agent to flush toxins from your system. If there’s one thing science can prove, hot water is useful to reduce swelling from overexertion, exercise and injury.

Given its mineral-rich hot-spring water, the well is also known to help to relieve certain skin conditions naturally. There’s no secret that the high silica content found in hot springs can smooth and soften dry, rough skin. Additionally, the medicinal properties of the water’s sulfur content can relieve uncomfortable eczema, rash, psoriasis symptoms and other skin infection.

Another thing to keep in mind, it is said as well that the hot spring can oxygenate the circulatory system and is beneficial in keeping not only your heart, but your body’s other vital organs and tissues, healthy and strong.

In short, there are many health benefits you can gain from simply sitting around the well, talking to your friends for an hour at most. Though, before you plan to visit, please be advised to check with your physician if you’re pregnant or have any pre-existing medical condition that might worsen.

Of course, don’t panic when you see the floating bits that looked like grimes, they’re just algae.

Ayer Hangat Village Entrance
Adult RM 15.00
Children below 5 years old RM 10.00

(mykad will get price entrance RM 10.00, children 5.00)

Private Jacuzzi 2 persons RM 199.00
Private Jacuzzi 3 persons RM 225.00
Private Jacuzzi 4 persons RM 279.00
Private Jacuzzi 5 persons RM 399.00

(mykad will get RM 50.00 discount on all packages for one unit jacuzzi ONLY)

Ayer Hangat Village

Jalan Air Hangat, Mukim Air Hangat, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah (Reservations) or (Groups)
Telephone: +60 11-1950 6460 (Reservations)