Places To Visit In Langkawi

A brief introduction to Langkawi Island: The tropical island is an archipelago of 99 islands. Langkawi is separated from Kedah at the mainland and is about 30km off the coast of northwestern Malaysia. Langkawi has plenty of attractions to offer. In this regards, we highly recommend staying for at least a week in case you are planning a holiday there.

Langkawi is a tropical paradise that is home to lush forests, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, caves, mangroves and more. In case you are a first-time traveller, you can expect a unique tropical destination with an impressive mix of natural landscapes, bright-coloured waters and skies. Besides the natural beauty, Langkawi is an island rich in culture, folklore and excellent diversity of culinary treats. At the end of your trip, you will understand why Langkawi is a must-visit destination in Malaysia. 

Unlike many other islands in Malaysia, Langkawi enjoys duty-free status. In this regards, visitors and locals enjoy an array of products at very pocket-friendly prices. These include jewellery, souvenirs, watches, kitchenware, perfumes, leather goods, as well as branded sunglasses, luggage and bags. Alcohol and tobacco products are also available at discounted prices (about 10% to 40% lower than standard retail prices).

Locals and foreign visitors make a trip to the island just to enjoy the tax-free benefit. Most of the duty-free shops are situated along the Pantai Cenang stretch. There are plenty of duty-free outlets to choose from, depending on specific tastes and preferences. The shops generally have ample free parking space. Also, taxis are available upon request. 

The duty-free status aside, locals and foreign visitors visit Langkawi for the fantastic nature and tranquil island atmosphere. Langkawi offers a different lifestyle to Kuala Lumpur and other major towns characterized by much hustle and bustle. 

Ayer Hangat Springs
You can’t miss going to Ayer Hangat Village, a tranquil location where locals and foreigners experience unique three-tiered hot water springs wells. Ayer Hangat Village is situated at a tranquil place and is just 14 km from Kuah Town. It’s close enough to the beach and most of the tourist attractions on the island, but far enough for some much-needed peace and tranquillity. 

A spa day at Ayer Hangat Village is the perfect getaway to treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating day at one of the unique attractions in Langkawi island. There are various muscle and pain and stress releasing packages, either with natural hot springs or body scrubs. The salt water natural springs are rich in minerals that help heal skin ailments, foot pain and other conditions. 

Ayer Hangat offers an organized package that is incredibly convenient in that guests enjoy a round-trip transfer from the spa to the hotel. Ultimately, the staff ensures guests can be stress-free and fully relax at the spa. The entry fees are quite affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank. 

Ayer Hangat has been described as a beautiful blend of modernity and culture of the island. The hot water spring wells at the village are undoubtedly one of the most exciting places to visit in Langkawi. 

The natural salt water springs are rare and unique (only found in three other countries). Besides this unique attraction, Ayer Hangat boasts private ponds, fountains and Jacuzzi. Also, the village hosts a number of markets where you can buy souvenirs and locally made items. 

Bamboo dream
If you are into Malay culture and performance, then you can’t miss visiting Ayer Hangat. You can watch a thrilling Malay traditional bamboo musical concert performed by a small group of children and adults with colorful and beautiful dances. 

Bamboo dream presents some bamboo art performances and traditional dances including Tarian Bamboo, Wayang Kulit demonstration (shadow puppet show), Malaysia Truly Asia Dance and much more. Also, visitors enjoy delicious local Malay dishes made with bamboo.

Malay Heritage Tour (Basic)
Malay heritage tour is a highly rated attraction in Langkawi that showcases the ethnicity and history of the Malay culture. The tour package is available upon request at Ayer Hangat. You can catch a glimpse of the various traditions of the Malay from birth to marriage, authentic Malay food and the fashion throughout history. Also, visitors are thrilled by performances such as dance and silat. You can even join in the fun and engage with the cultural activities offered by the tour. 

You can’t visit a dream island destination and possibly miss visiting the beach. Langkawi boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Peninsular Malaysia, including Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Beras Basah. The beaches are ideal for sunbathing and much-needed relaxation. During your vacation, you can engage in some fun-filled water activities including jet-skiing, parasailing and banana boat rides.

Mushroom Village (Kampung Cendawan)
Another exciting place to visit is the mushroom village that is run by the Ayer Hangat village. Visitors can see the cultivation and harvesting of mushroom in the setting of authentic Langkawi local village. You can very try out some freshly cooked mushrooms. See for your self the cultivation of mushroom, harvesting, and you can even sample some mushrooms cooked by a local chef. 

Langkawi Sky Bridge
In case you are looking for some places to visit for some adrenaline-pumping, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is a highly recommended place for you to check out. The spectacular bridge is a 125-metre long cable-suspended bridge. It was built in 2005 at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang. It’s elevated 660 meters above sea level giving you a panoramic view over the entire Langkawi Island and beyond. It’s worth mentioning that it’s only accessible by a cable car. Are you afraid of heights? The suspended bridge is a great place to face your fears. 

An innovative cable car brings you to Langkawi Sky Bridge. After buying the ticket for the cable car, you can explore several attractions including SkyDome, SkyRex and 3D Art Langkawi museum. At the peak of the bridge, there are beautiful viewpoints, souvenir shops and more. Visitors find themselves easily spending half a day here! The SkyCab ticket is very cheap (ranges from MYR30-55). The cable car is notably one of the steepest in the world. 

Seven Wells Waterfall
All the waterfalls in the tropical island are uniquely impressive. However, Seven wells waterfall is easily the most famous waterfall in the entire Langkawi Island. It was named from seven natural pools that are located along the water stream. The waterfall’s total vertical fall is 91 meters. 

We recommend visiting the waterfalls during the rainy season (September to December since in those months the water is not at its slowest-moving speed. If you are going by taxi, you might want to pay a bit more money and ask the driver to wait until you are done. This is important considering there are hardly any vehicles up on the mountains. 

So, what can you expect going to the Seven Wells Waterfall? Some hiking is necessary to get to the waterfall from the parking lot. However, the trail is not very technical or challenging as its mostly steep gravel road. You can spot a few monkeys on the way.

Seven wells waterfall is 480 meters above sea level (at the top). Some visitors carry along some food for a memorable picnic while enjoying the water falling down. Are you an avid swimmer? Carry your swimsuit and enjoy a refreshing bath inside the cool water. The entrance is usually free for both locals and foreigners. However, you have to pay some minimal parking fee (MYR1 for motorcycle and MYR2 to park a car). Besides Seven Wells Waterfalls, you can also explore the less famous Durian Perangin waterfalls and Temuran waterfall. 

Langkawi Mangrove Kilim Geoforest Park
For more adventure, you can visit the Langkawi Mangrove Kilim Geoforest Park, a natural reserve with beautiful geological formations, caves, fossils and more. It’s one of the most frequented Langkawi tourist attractions. 

If you take a boat ride, you will explore some dense green mangroves, and large limestone rocks formed millions of years ago! You can spot a variety of wildlife, including mud crabs, monkeys and even monitor lizards. On some days you can even spot a dolphin or otter. During the mangrove tour, visitors also do monkey and fish feeding. 

Langkawi offers some incredible opportunities for diving or snorkeling. There are plenty of varieties of exotic species at surrounding islands such as Payar Island. You can choose to do snorkeling activities on the shore or at a reef platform in the deep ocean. For diving enthusiasts, you can go for a diving trip and explore some deeper ocean life. 

As mentioning before, Langkawi is not just one large island but a group of several small islands that all together provide an unmatched tropical experience. Many of the islands remain untapped and uninhabited. The few others are booming tourist attraction. You can go for diving and other activities such as snorkeling and surfing, for most of the year. However, the monsoon months of July to September may have some rough seas. 

Andaman Sea
You can explore the beauty of Langkawi Archipelago with a Jet Ski tour onto the Andaman Sea. A local guide will lead you onto some of the picturesque locations with crystal-blue seas and white sands. On the way, admire forested hills and rocky outcrops. In case you are an avid swimmer, take a dip in Dayang Bunting Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the country. 

You can explore some of the islands around the main Langkawi Island. One of the most popular islands is Dayang Bunting which is considered the crown jewel of the archipelago. The tours are limited to a small number of people; hence you can enjoy personal attention from your guide. You will undoubtedly be intrigued by the traditional island legends.

Mangrove forest
Langkawi is home to a massive mangrove forest that has a lot of wildlife, including otters, dolphins, and eagles. With a small boat ride, you can access remote places and enjoy the best view possible of the impressive tidal ecosystem. A local guide will explain how the array of flora and fauna thrive in the environment. 

There is no need to pack a snack since lunch is typically served during the tour. The mangrove boat rides generally are well planned, and the guides are incredibly knowledgeable, witty, and extremely helpful. Ultimately, you gain a deep insight into Langkawi landscape and the abundant wildlife. 

How long to stay in Langkawi
If you are wondering how long to stay in the tropical island, well it depends on how long you want to disconnect and enjoy life at an islander’s pace. We recommend staying at least a week to explore all the best places that the region has to offer, without feeling rushed. You can even do some island hopping to surrounding islands. 

In case you have enough time, then plan on spending at least a week in Langkawi. If not, then around three nights should be enough to rejuvenate and escape your daily hustle and bustle, however temporary. 

Ayer Hangat Village

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