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Langkawi is a mythical island with its legend. It’s said that the story of Langkawi began with two giants; Mat Raya and Mat Cincang, both of who had children they betrothed to each other. The two giants were married off. However, on the wedding day, Mat Raya noticed that the bridegroom was eyeing another man. Mat Raya was furious, leading to a massive fight with Mat Cincang. During the battle, a jug of boiling hot water fell, leading to the formation of a natural hot spring. The place the jug fell was named “Ayer Hangat”, where “Ayer” means “Water” and “Hangat” means “Hot”. 

No matter where you are in the world, weddings are happy occasions and time for traditions. Malay weddings in Malaysia are grand, unique and colourful affairs, as you would expect in a country that is a melting pot of cultures. Even though a lot of traditional Malay practices have been modernized during the recent years, most weddings continue to be deeply steeped in cultural and religious traditions. Malay marriages are solemnized based on the culture and religion of the people. 

Just like in other society, Marriage among Malaysians is a critical step toward adulthood. Attending a Malay wedding ceremony is a major highlight for both locals and foreign visitors to Langkawi. Ayer Hangat provides guests with the first-hand experience of a Malay wedding ceremony. As such, visitors gain a deep insight into various marriage practices that emphasize Malaysia’s interesting ethnic customs. A significant feature is the elaborate gift exchanges. Also, you get to enjoy a Malay wedding feast that features a multiple-course meal.

Days before a Malay wedding, brides usually undergo henna staining on their hands to signify their new status. As much as the henna sessions may not be deemed necessary, most couples choose to practice this as an elaborate event where a dais is set up, and guests are invited to the painting session. 

More often than not, the bride and groom have a different outfit for the solemnization ceremony and the wedding reception. Most couples prefer to wear traditional Malay attire. During the solemnization ceremony, a few men or boys entertain the guests and couple with a ‘silat’ one at a time. Each ‘silat’ movement has a special meaning, for example, blessings for the couple. 

If you attend a Malay wedding custom tour at Ayer Hangat Village, you can expect exciting and fun-filled cultural performances as you enjoy an endless buffet. The arrival of the groom is followed by a thrilling traditional Malay martial arts performance. Subsequently, the bride and groom are seated on a decorated dais. The couple is essential a king and queen for a day, and you get to experience it all at Ayer Hangat Village. At Ayer Hangat Village, visitors also get to learn about various pre-wedding customs and practices as the newlyweds prepare for their big day. 

Malay wedding custom tour aside, the saltwater hot springs at Ayer Hangat is a major highlight for visitors in Langkawi. This natural gift of earth is what you and your family need after a captivating Malay wedding custom tour. Soak in a natural saltwater hot springs and enjoy the beauty of a tropical dream destination. The natural saltwater hot spring is delightful and highly recommended for healing some skin issues and other body conditions. Besides the hot springs, you can also dip into one of the private Jacuzzi for some refreshing and rejuvenating time. It is definitely value for money. 

Here, the Malay food is second to none, and the village boasts some delicious regional dishes, besides some beautiful natural setting to experience the laid-back side of Langkawi. With a variety of Malay wedding foods, your culinary journey will end at Ayer Hangat village with mouthwatering memories. 

Langkawi is a tropical paradise with a lot to offer to visitors across all age groups. Custom activities will help maximize your time in Langkawi Island. For convenience, we highly recommend working on a personalized itinerary with some travel specialist.

Are you thinking about holding your wedding on the island? Langkawi consist of an archipelago of 99 islands that are mostly untapped and uninhabited. The island is one of the best wedding destinations in Peninsular Malaysia, especially because you can thoroughly entertain your multi-faceted guests and family too! 

The stunning wedding locations aside, touring around Langkawi can help couples combine their destination wedding with a romantic honeymoon. The island has so much to offer, and thus we recommend visitors to take in slowly and in detail to enjoy all its attractions and activities. 

Whether you envision your wedding on the tranquil white-sand beaches or in a lavish resort surrounded by a picturesque landscape, destination wedding venues and resorts in Langkawi can fit varying budget and taste. You will undoubtedly be intrigued by the beautiful coastal views on its pristine coastline. 

Exchange vows and leave the first footprints as newlyweds at one of the tranquil beaches as the sunsets. Relax and calm those nervous feelings before your big day by taking a dip in the Ayer Hangat Hot Springs with your buddies or family. The spectacular Ayer Hangat Village is nestled among the beautiful Langkawi landscape. 

Malaysia diversity has provided the country with one of the most exquisite cuisines in Asia. In Langkawi Island, elements of Malay, Chinese and even Thai cooking are both distinct and blended together. When Malaysians have guests, they tend to be very hospitable, and an offer of Malay food is an essential etiquette requirement. At Ayer Hangat village, visitors can sample some local delicacies that common in weddings and other cultural celebrations. 

Are you new to Malay culture and worried about etiquette? Malaysian society is remarkably open to diversity. As such, blunders of outside visitors are tolerated. When it comes to the greetings, you use the right hand, which is considered the dominant hand in Malaysian life. The left hand is used for body cleansing, hence regarded as inappropriate for receiving gifts, signalling directions or giving money. 

Malay weddings are usually casual affairs. However, guests are highly recommended to dress appropriately for the event. It’s worth mentioning that there is no such thing as unlucky colors in Malay customs. In this regard, you can come in any colour you wish. The clothes should not be too revealing. During the wedding reception, guests do not have to be in traditional dress. You can wear whatever you please, but it has to be within reason, of course. 

There is no fixed seating plan so that guests can seat at any available space during the wedding feast. Sharing a table with a stranger is perfectly okay! In case you are attending a Malay wedding with a partner, you should keep it respectful and avoid public display of affection.

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