Malay Heritage Tour

The hot water springs at the beautiful and tranquil Ayer Hangat village gives you a chance to see the relaxing side of Langkawi Island. For visitors, Langkawi presents and intoxicating blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. Explore the island’s celebrated shopping and cuisines, besides admiring some of its significant landmarks, architectural wonders and traditional heritage sites. 

If you’re looking for more of a relaxed, tropical retreat, it’s the Langkawi islands of Malaysia that will offer you a laid back and fun-filled experience. The island is more of a tranquil tropical destination that offers visitors a variety of travel options-from the saltwater springs at Ayer Hangat village to the beach getaway of Langkawi Island.

In case it’s your first time to Langkawi, we recommend having a local guide who can provide authentic and explicit knowledge regarding the dream destination. In this regards, you can make the vacation a more worthwhile experience.

Langkawi is a vibrant fusion of Malay cultures, geography and cuisines. Locals and foreign visitors flock Langkawi to explore the island which boasts some of Asia’s finest cultures and the beauty of SoutheastAsia’s tropical beaches comes to life! What you will see and experience in Langkawi represents what makes Malaysia a popular tropical destination. 

Langkawi is home to some of the tastiest food in the country! The huge variety of dishes is influenced by different cuisines from other regions in Malaysia and beyond. It is a veritable culinary melting pot, making it a must-visit island for food enthusiasts. At Ayer Hangat Village, visitors can taste the different traditional Malay foods, see how the different cuisines are made and perhaps even try your hand at it.

Ayer Hangat Village consists of modern buildings that fuse both traditional and modern architectural elements. The village is incredibly gorgeous, and you will certainly be awed by its impressive design and construction. Ayer Hangat has a gallery for visitors keen on learning about the rich heritage and culture of the Malay community. Through the displays, visitors discover more about the Malay community in Langkawi and beyond.

In terms of natural beauty, Langkawi is home to miles of tranquil, pristine beaches, extensive forests, authentic Malay villages and unmatched landscapes. The tropical island is truly a unique and lively blend of Malaysia and its myriad of cultures! You sure can’t beat the picturesque views at Ayer Hangat. It’s calm and quiet, and a getaway from your daily hustle and bustle. 

Ayer Hangat Village is a world of ethnic charm that depicts a Malaysian traditional village concept. Situated on a serene location, the village provides a relaxing atmosphere amidst lush tropical surroundings. It is within proximity to some of Langkawi’s most iconic architectural structures and historical gems.

For visitors seeking the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in a natural spa, then the Air Hangat Village is a must-visit. At the village, you will find a range of hot springs that are proven to have some healing properties. If you have any aches or pains, then the natural saltwater springs are the best ways to unwind. Visitors can either choose a private open-air Jacuzzi or soak in the large communal pool. Ayer Hangat offers spa treatments, including soothing massages, which are based in traditional Malay wellness. 

Ayer Hangat Village aims to showcase the history, culture and heritage of the Malay community within the context of Langkawi’s history and multi-cultural society. Visitors can catch a glimpse into various parts of the life of the Malays. You can choose to explore the gallery of Malay Culture (Adat Melayu), the performances, workshops and wedding rituals of the Malay couples.

There are various critical moments in a Malay family, for example, The ‘melenggang perut” or the massage of the pregnant woman’s belly, which is performed before the child be born. Also, there is a ceremony to mark the cutting of the first hair of a child. Thereafter, the girl or boy may be circumcised in the “berkhatan” ceremony. The biggest day of the life of Malay is when they become “Raja Sehari” or King for A Day during their wedding. You can experience this fantastic ceremony at Ayer Hangat Village.

Are you interested in the Malay wedding custom? Weddings of the Malay community are typically festive, grand and celebratory with plenty of guests. At Ayer Hangat, you will be our guest for the wedding of Ali and Aminah at Ayer Hangat Village during their final wedding ceremony, the bersanding. 

A custom Malay heritage tour is available at Ayer Hangat upon providing an early notice. Visitors can learn more about traditional Malay ethnicities, from attending a wedding to watching various performances including dance and Silat. You also get to join in on the fun and engage in some cultural activities during the tour.

The Malay Heritage tour at Ayer Hangat Village is an all-encompassing cultural immersion. Guests get to experience typical Malay ethnic areas, where they get to discover the rich cultural heritage of the people. You learn about the ancient roots of the mythical island, and colonial influences. It represents the emergence of Langkawi Island as a culturally-varied modern destination. 

After a fulfilling Malay heritage tour, don’t miss sampling the island’s legendary cuisines. Also, you can enjoy a full day of leisure on one of the best beaches that Langkawi has to offer. We recommend exploring the endless stretch of soft white sand, idyllic beach that is lined with plenty of dining options and water sports activities. 

Langkawi is regarded as a significant culinary haven in the Peninsular Malaysia, with authentic, multi-ethnic Malay foods that are undoubtedly some of Malaysia’s finest. Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market is a must-visit place for food enthusiasts visiting Langkawi Island. The market usually has a little bit of everything with regards to the best in Malay food. Nasi Kerabu is one of the delicious dishes here. Also, you can expect to find plenty of local, fresh-caught fish. 

Visitors flock the market for the authentic Malay food. Are you wondering about the food prices? The food is relatively budget-friendly. For example, Nasi kerabu cost about 5 MYR ($1.37). Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market starts at about 5 pm every Friday and is open till late in the night. 

AHV offers wonderful cultural exposure and learning opportunities for visitors of varying ages and interests. It has many unique exhibits, enjoyable programs and exciting activities to participate in. The village shares fundamental parts of the Malays, especially through the gallery of Malay culture, the performances, and workshops. Also, visitors get to experience the wedding rituals of the Malay couples. The live theatre performance brings the history of Malay to life in dramatic form, and is a significant highlight for locals and visitors during the Malay Heritage tour! 

Ayer Hangat Village

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