Langkawi Local Sightseeing Tours

Over the years, Langkawi has become one of the top island destinations in Malaysia, not just for foreigners but also locals from different parts of the country. Visitors flock the island to experience a wide array of attractions, adventurous activities and definitely sample some of the local Langkawi food. During Langkawi sightseeing tours, a major highlight of the visitors is interacting with incredibly friendly locals and tourists. 

Having an idea of where to visit in this lovely archipelago is highly recommended while planning your vacation. Whatever the duration of your stay, whether a couple of days or weeks, there is so much to explore that you will never be bored here. Considering Langkawi is a vast vacation island in Asia, there’s plenty of accommodation throughout the island. Visitors stay in hotels and resorts scattered throughout the island. 

Langkawi is every bit a tourist’s paradise. For the best sightseeing, especially for first-time travellers, we recommend choosing a tailor-made travel package that will take you to the best of the island activities and go-to places. It’s an excellent chance to soak in the tranquillity and discover hidden gems. Considering your tastes and preferences are unique from the next person, we recommend carefully selecting sightseeing activities that you will find exciting. Some tours provide hotel pickup and drop off, therefore, giving many conveniences for travellers. 

Langkawi has conducive weather most of the year. Between November and April, the weather on the island is a perfect balance of sunshine and little rainfall. Langkawi’s temperatures are mostly not very hot, thus making it perfect for various sightseeing activities.

Sunset, beach and cruise
If you love sightseeing tours, then you will undoubtedly enjoy a sunset cruise along the tranquil shores. The boat cruises are usually launched from the main boat pier in Langkawi. The boats carry a minimal number of passengers with the operators making sure the boast has plenty of space to feel comfortable and safe. With the surrounding views of the ocean and island, the cruise will undoubtedly be a significant highlight for your visit to Langkawi. 

A lot of visitors prefer going for an evening sailing when the sun is going down. If you are looking for an adventurous activity or just a memorable thing to do during your visit to Langkawi, a sunset cruise is without a doubt a fantastic option. For avid swimmers, you can have a refreshing evening swim in the inviting waters. 

Are you looking for a tranquil island destination for your honeymoon or romantic getaway? Langkawi offers some of the best beaches in Peninsular Malaysia for a luxurious holiday. Enjoy gorgeous stretches of white sand, and a wide range of bars and restaurants. For couples visiting Langkawi for a honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, they can appreciate the sunset while having a cocktail at one of the bars or restaurants overlooking the coast.

Langkawi features some of the best shorelines in the Malaysian peninsular. The beach has crystal clear waters and visitors find it very tranquil. There are plenty of beautiful spots along the beach in case you want some quiet time and wish to unwind amid some calming waves. Also, the beaches are clean and mostly untapped, with soothing powder white sand. If you are in Langkawi for a honeymoon, there are plenty of perfect spots to spend some romantic time with your partner. 

From the white sandy bays to sweeping coastlines, Langkawi’s beaches are beloved by locals and travellers from other parts of the world. Forested mountains with impressive limestone caves surround several scenic bays. In case you want a more upscale affair, we highly recommended visiting the Tanjung Rhu and Datai Bay.

The waters around Langkawi are relatively shallow. Visitors can spot some small, uninhabited islands a few kilometres from the main island. For watersports enthusiast, Langkawi has many activities for you, including surfboard yoga, paddle boarding, sailing, Jet Skiing, kayaking, and more! 

Hiking and natural trail 
If you love adventure and hiking, how about a challenging trail while enjoying mesmerizing views? The breathtaking views will keep your spirit alive as you navigate to the top of one of the hills on the island. Mount Mat Cincang is a popular hiking location in Langkawi. The views from the mountain’s peak encompass jungles, the sea, islands, and towns. 
Do you love waterfalls? The Telaga Tujuh waterfalls are a sight to behold. You can take a dip in the cool waters or take the steep hike to the top, through the seven pools and past huge slippery rocks. The waters are mystical and soothing and are undoubtedly one of the best places to visit on the island.

A sightseeing tour in Langkawi is not complete without visiting Gunung Raya, the highest peak in the island. From the top of the mountain peak, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding islands and landscape. You can spot all the best places to visit in Langkawi in a single glance.

The mountain is rich in rainforests and is a popular hiking location. Also, you can spot an array of wildlife including great hornbills, flying foxes, monkeys, white-bellied eagles, mountain-hawk eagles, and many other species of birds & animals.

Ayer Hangat Market
The local market offers a little bit of everything. It’s a great spot in case you looking to experience the local side of Langkawi. What’s a great vacation without food? For food lovers, you can take advantage of the oversupply of delicious food available at the Ayer Hangat Market. With plenty of variety to choose from, you are likely to wander around and analyze different food options. 

Langkawi is known for its delicious and diverse delicious food. Tasting the best culinary that the island has to offer is a significant highlight for visitors. The Malay dishes are an outstanding mixture of ingredients and flavors. For example, you can have some beef stew that is served with riced steamed in a bamboo pole (known as lemang in Malay).

Ayer Hangat Village – Natural Salt Water Hot Springs
No matter the duration of your vacation or getaway, Ayer Hangat Village is one of the must-visit places while in Langkawi. After a busy day sightseeing around the island, Ayer Hangat Village is a pretty enjoyable place to chill out and relax. The relaxation getaway offers traditional healing experience and an escape from crowds or busyness. 
The surrounding scenery from the village complex is perfection. Immerse yourself in Langkawi’s landscape, local culture and history, and discover the bright jewels of one of the most beautiful regions in Peninsular Malaysia. 

The Ayer Hangat Springs is a stunning natural wonder that makes you appreciate life.
Are you into relaxation and wellness? Then the natural saltwater spa at Ayer Hangat Village is sure to be the highlight of your Langkawi sightseeing tour. Visitors can enjoy therapeutic recreation as you soak in the hot springs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

Whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or a group, you can make a pre-booking for one of the private Jacuzzis. After taking a relaxing shower, you can jump into the Jacuzzi that is hot and salty and soothe your body in the water. It certainly felt relaxing and has a therapeutic element to it. The water is naturally healing and highly recommended for those with aches or pains. 

The natural saltwater hot springs you can find at Ayer Hangat Village is a highlight for visitors for its sheer uniqueness. It’s a majestic place to visit and see year-round. Regular visitors always look forward to taking a dip at the refreshing springs that are open year-round. The hot water is so relaxing whenever you want to unwind with friends and family at our perfect getaway. It’s certainly nice to get a massage while sitting in the water, and the natural springs are known to have therapeutic properties. Whenever you emerge from the hot spring, you suddenly feel invigorated and refreshed. The natural saltwater hot springs provide therapeutic massages and will have your skin glowing. 

The natural hot springs are some of the best you can find anywhere in the world. The view of the scenery around the springs is breathtaking, especially during sunset. The colours of the setting sun reveal such a warm, beautiful glow. Soak in the therapeutic waters as you enjoy the soothing views and experience the soothing and therapeutic benefits of the healing water. It’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss for the world!

Ayer Hangat Village

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