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The magnificent landscape, ancient rainforests and sparkling clear waters that surround its cluster of 99 islands make Langkawi among the choicest destinations globally for an unforgettable tropical vacation. No matter where you visit on Langkawi Island, you will discover that myths and legends permeate its culture and history. Visitors to the island get to familiarize themselves with the island’s most compelling stories. It’s worth mentioning that that Langkawi was granted duty-free status, hence attracting tourists and locals alike to buy cheap goods. 

Ayer Hangat Village tour is the ideal way to experience Langkawi beauty, which is not only matched in terms of its scenic beauty but also its mysterious past and rich traditions. Visiting the village, you will be able to take in the lush surroundings and breathtaking scenery. It evokes an inquisitive and mysterious kind of fascination. 

The Ayer Hangat village is famous for saltwater hot springs that can be traced to the base of Gunung Raya and a volcanic eruption that occurred some million years ago. The water is rich in minerals and proven to have many medicinal qualities. The saltwater hot springs aside, Ayer Hangat Village is famous as a melting pot of Langkawi culture, with many locals and visitors flocking to the area to experience the culture of the local people. 

Langkawi performing art scene is packed with an array of entertainment around the year. Some of the famous offerings include traditional culture shows, orchestral concerts, contemporary theatre, recitals and ballet performances. Ayer Hangat Village frequently plays host to renowned musicians and performing groups. Don’t miss out on some of the region’s biggest cultural extravaganza at Ayer Hangat. It’s a chance to indulge in an awe-inspiring adventure of a lifetime. 

At Ayer Hangat Village, visitors get to experience some parts of the Malays, through the gallery of Malay Culture (Adat Melayu), cultural performances, workshops and wedding rituals of the Malay couples. The fascinating Langkawi Island is a melting pot of different Malaysia culture and traditions that meet and merge. Ayer Hangat Village, well situated at the heart of the island, is a vibrant area where each of the local ethnic groups in Langkawi leaves a unique and unmistakable mark. The enchanting place is thus a must-see for anybody visiting the region.

When visiting Langkawi, Ayer Hangat Village is the perfect getaway for friends and family. Ayer Hangat Village is a dream destination, offering various activities or experience-based attractions. As an option, try the different varieties of Malay food, and you will be spoilt for choice. There are many mouthwatering offerings from traditional Malay cuisine. You can sample some of our popular dishes at the Bamboo café.

While Malay food may be identical in terms of spiciness, the diversity in cuisines is incredible. Visitors at Ayer Hangat Village can learn about popular dishes in terms of their preparation, and methods of cooking. Also, you get to learn about the availability and use of prominent ingredients, including local aromatic herbs and spices. 

Being a region rich in culture, Langkawi is well-positioned as a food paradise. This has been primarily fuelled by the intermingling of the various ethnic groups. Additionally, Langkawi is further enriched by culinary heritage it shares with neighbouring and regions. The use of herbs and spices has contributed to the uniqueness of authentic Malay food. Also, the are plenty of special traditional equipment and cooking methods.

Ayer Hangat Village shares various traditional food beliefs and life events practised by traditional villages in Langkawi. As a visitor, you get to observe traditional practices, for example, through the Kenduri Kahwin (matrimonial ceremonies). The unique cultural event entails the preparation, cooking, serving, and consumption of cuisines considered as an essential communal affair.
It goes without saying that the Kenduri is a fascinating and vital ceremony for the Malay culture. At Ayer Hangat Village, we take through you through the protocols of Kenduri and other popular Malay traditions. What is a celebration without food? Food is never an afterthought in Malaysia, so brace yourself for some mouthwatering Malay dishes at Ayer Hangat. We offer plenty of delicious choices to make you drool. 

Every cooking technique and ingredient utilized in the Malay food is characterized by a unique aroma, taste and flavor. Ayer Hangat Village boasts many Malay food cuisines with plenty of food available to suit everyone tastes. Availability of local ingredients around the area has made the available cuisines distinct from foods of other island destinations.

In Malaysia, traditional dances are usually localized to pockets of indigenous people that make up the various ethnic groups within the country. The traditional Malay lifestyle is always artistic and sophisticated. There are many famous Malay dances in Langkawi, with most of them reflecting the traditional Malay lifestyle and ritual. Ayer Hangat Village is well designed such that the Malay dancing properly combines ritual elements, acting and dancing. During the various traditional dances, vocal-instrumental music is used, as well as singings, drama, storytelling and music. 

During your visit to Ayer Hangat, bewitched with a splendid dance performance that is characterized by a display of colourful traditional costumes of local people and their cultural influence in Asia. The experienced performers break out in traditional dance as they present the uniqueness and richness of the dances that trace their origin to the region. The performances are sure to mesmerize you during the entire cultural show. 

Traditional music in Langkawi still survives and continues to flourish in a wide variety of forms. Visiting the region, you get to enjoy different types of traditional Malay music that is available in various theatre forms, for example, Wayang Kulit and other minor entertainment activities. The traditional art of shadow play-Wayang Kulit is a highlight for culture lovers. 

The Wayang Kulit music is very popular in the Langkawi community. It’s worth mentioning that music is essential in the performance of the Wayang Kulit. It enhances the story and makes it more compelling. Ayer Hangat boasts a talented orchestra that uses several traditional instruments. During the performance, the types and number of music instruments typically vary depending on the specific performance. 

A full Wayang Kulit performance is very long and may run for as much as 8 hours, thus usually divided into parts for a single story. Consequently, the performance is not tiring for the performers and the audience as well. Besides the entertaining Wayang Kulit performance, visitors can enjoy a traditional Malay wedding that is usually an elaborate and unforgettable event. You can watch some thrilling traditional Malay dances which remain a fundamental part of the agenda during a Malay wedding ceremony. 

Are you looking to experience local Langkawi culture? Start your guided tour at Ayer Hangat Village to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. It’s an excellent chance to experience the best attractions in Langkawi with a local private guide. The tours can be customized depending on specific tastes and preferences. During your visit, we will make sure you sample the best of the fresh regional cuisine and give you suggestions for the best attractions in Langkawi.

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