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Langkawi is one of Malaysia’s hidden treasures with surreal beauty and amazing greenery. The Ayer Hangat village is situated across the rural heart of Langkawi, a dream island that lits up like a star on the Malaysia west coast. A tropical paradise getaway and family retreat, the Ayer Hangat village spells bliss and leisure at one go. Visitors can dip their feet in fresh, natural spring and soak in the medicinal benefits. The natural saltwater Jacuzzi provides separate spa therapy for male and female visitors. Also, Ayer Hangat has 12 private Jacuzzi areas where you can relax and soak.

The cultural beauty and alluring landscapes of Ayer Hangat are unmatched. The Ayer Hangat Village is decked with an impressive three-tier fountain and a 59 feet high carved riverstone mural, depicting the legend of the Earth-shattering quarrel that occurred during the wedding feast of two giants. The legend goes that during the fight, there was a spillage of hot water that created the hot springs.

Ayer Hangat is conveniently located at a tranquil place and surrounded by refreshing scenery. Once you see the view from the village, you will never want to leave. The spa and wellness centre is a highlight for visitors at AHV. It is well designed and complements the existing natural hot springs. You can expect a relaxing wellness experience that utilizes traditional items to provide our diverse guests with an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The techniques are proven and tested to have some healing properties that can cure minor injuries and diseases.

Ayer Hangat village certainly has its own charm. Its crown jewel is the infamous natural saltwater hot springs. It’s, without doubt, a rare phenomenon, considering that there only three know in the entire world, the others being in Taiwan and Japan. The pristine area surrounding Ayer Hangat village has beautiful driveways that stretch out to the horizon and makes for a thrilling driving and biking experience.
Getting a deep-tissue massage in a natural hot spa is better than doing so in the confines of any spa, and needless to say, the views are far more incredible than those from the average Jacuzzi.

There’s nothing like a stunning natural wonder to make you appreciate the world we live in, and right now, we’re dreaming about Ayer Hangat Village Langkawi. When you visit Ayer Hangat, it feels like you’ve left Earth and arrived on another mythical planet whose only goal is to have you feeling like a goddess. Dip and rejuvenate in the hot salt water springs that are excellent for your skin, helping exfoliate and heal inflammation. The healing waters are therapeutic and will soak away the stress.

Besides the natural hot springs, Ayer Hangat Village is a chance to experience Malay culture in fullness. Visitors are taken through the gallery of Malay culture, performances, workshops and even wedding rituals of the Malay couples. The cultural performances at the village are popular with solo travellers, families and couples visiting Langkawi.

Culture and performance
Langkawi is an ultimate island paradise where relaxing is the music to life. Are you into cultural performance? Ayer Hangat hosts some local dances for interested guests. The thrilling performances are presented by a small group of experienced children and adults. However, the performance is usually scheduled and might be limited to a certain number of people.

The various cultural dances are undoubtedly attractive and will leave you yearning for more. Guests may even participate and have the time of their lives! While enjoying the various performances, visitors are served a delectable array of local dishes, which is a delightful highlight. Guests not only enjoy the traditional Malay food but also experience the cooking methods.

Bamboo dream
In Malaysia, bamboo dance typically takes place at ceremonies and cultural shows. However, many rural communities still dance various cultural dances at special events such as engagement and weddings. Bamboo dance, in particular, is a common sight at Ayer Hangat. The bamboo dreams provide a glimpse into ancient rites and the best in Malaysia cultural performance.

One of the highlights for our visitors is a traditional bamboo musical concert with colorful and beautiful dances. Bamboo dream presents some bamboo art performances and traditional dances, including Tarian Bamboo, Wayang Kulit demonstration, Malaysia Truly Asia Dance, among others. The bamboo dream is an excellent chance to learn about local Malay culture in Langkawi and the various uses of bamboo. The bamboo dream tour is ideal for both locals and visitors.

Malay Heritage Tour
The Malay heritage tour is an excellent chance to learn about the ethnicity and history of the Malay culture. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the many traditions of birth to marriage, the food and the fashion throughout the years. The tour typically highlights the traditional Malay ethnicities from weddings to performances such as dance and silat.

The Ayer Hangat village showcase some of the well-known Malay performing arts including Bangsawan theatre, Dondang Sayang love ballad and Mak Inang dance from Malacca Sultanate, Jikey and Mek Mulung theatre from Kedah, Asyik dance and Menora dance drama from Patani and Kelantan, Ulek mayang and Rodat dance from Terengganu, Boria theatre from Penang, Canggung dance from Perlis, Mukun narrative songs from Brunei and Sarawak, Gending Sriwijaya from Palembang,Serampang Dua Belas dance from Serdang and Zapin Api firedance from Riau.

Ayer Hangat Village offers all sorts of conveniences and comfort befitting the business travellers and family retreats. If you’re heading to Langkawi for a vacation, then the AHV is must visit. In case you are visiting as a group, there are package deals and discounts to make sure you don’t break the bank.

Ultimately, it’s an ideal place for those looking to enjoy a worry-free adventure and create some unforgettable new memories while experiencing the best in a cultural performance that Langkawi has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Leave the stress of daily life for a few days and make your way to Ayer Hangat Village. We guarantee physical and spiritual rejuvenation like no other! Contact us today for a custom package.

Ayer Hangat Village

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