Ayer Hangat Village Guide

Langkawi, officially known as Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah is one of the most famous holiday destinations for locals and foreigners alike. With its many beautiful places to see and experiences condensed on various small islands, it’s easy to see why many would choose it as a weekend getaway. However, whether you’re a local or a foreign traveller, often your preferred area to visit would be Chenang or Kuah. This is expected given visitors that came to Langkawi either wanted to spend the day on the beach or make a shopping trip out of it. No one can say no to a deal anyway and given that Langkawi is also a duty-free zone area, a lot of things are relatively cheaper here.

Though, do you know there’s more to see in Langkawi than the usual locations promoted to you by travel companies, articles, youtube videos or even your friends?

Many never really thought about it unless they specifically went looking for what else they can do while on their trip. And if you look a little beyond the typical locations suggested, you’d find a quaint little town known as Ayer Hangat.

Located 14KM north of Kuah Town lies a town filled with promises of relaxation, Ayer Hangat is the place you must see if you ever venture to Langkawi. It’s a quaint little town that will steal your heart away and like many other places and attractions in the island it also comes with its own legend.

You can find the tale of how the town came to be on one side of the village where an 18-meter high mural made out of river stone stood. The story is written at the center of the mural for anyone who’d want to take the time to learn about a time long gone.

It’s said that the story of the town began with two giants; Mat Cincang and Mat Raya. The giants both have children they betrothed to each other. The two were married off, however during the wedding day Mat Raya noticed that the bride groom was eyeing another woman during the wedding reception. This turn of events enraged Mat Raya which led to a heavy fight with Mat Cincang. Pots, pans and jugs were thrown around in the heat of the moment.

During the fight, a jug of boiling hot water fell. As a result, a natural hot spring was formed where the jug fell giving the place the name “Ayer Hangat”, where “Ayer” or the standard Malay spelling of it is “Air” means “Water” and “Hangat” means “Hot”, essentially calling the place “Hot Spring”.

However, if you’re not one to believe in fairytales and prefer hard science, there’s a geological explanation as to why a natural salt water hot spring occurred here as well. Laid underneath the island are rocks that were heated up by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust. Basically, the cracks or faults (which may very well be caused by a volcanic eruption centuries ago) in the Earth’s surface allow water to flow deeper towards the mantle making it hotter than it would any other location on the surface.

It doesn’t matter how you want to see it — it can be a place where giants once roamed or earth is just doing what it does, Ayer Hangat certainly has its own charm. The town’s main attraction is their infamous natural salt water hot spring — a rare phenomenon that there are only three known in the entire world compared to the natural freshwater hot spring you can find in various places as you travel. The other two natural salt hot water springs are located in Taiwan and Japan, respectively.

There’s also claims that the natural saltwater hot spring located in Ayer Hangat is rich with mineral content and is beneficial to your health. It is said to be very useful for healing of feet related ailments as well as skin diseases, gout and joint aches. Many who are aware of its existence had come to visit over the years to experience it and see for themselves if the claims were true.

If you’re worried about crowding to one location, you need not. There are three locations where visitors can take a dip and rejuvenate their aching bones. The sites have also been upgraded over the years, making it far easily accessible for the masses. It is now available in three tiers. You’d also find Jacuzzis where natural hot salt water is pumped in, small ponds and fountains in landscaped gardens. That’s not all, while you’re there, you’d be able to enjoy the cultural shows and restaurants. And of course, before you leave, why not stop by at shops selling souvenirs and gift stalls to remember it by.

For those who prefer not to dip your toes into scalding hot water, you’d be happy to know you can try one of the springs known as “Telaga Betina” or “Female Well” where the water is calmer and is not too hot. It consists of a set of small soaking pools with sets of benches made available for larger groups to relax. Often, you’d find families here, sitting around with small children merely enjoying the moment.

By chance you’re used to hot water and want to try out something hotter, you can try out the second set of open well known as “Telaga Jantan” or the “Male Well”. The water here is harsher and greener from the high concentration of algae with the temperature naturally hovering between 38 ˚C to 42 ˚C. Here the visitor can enjoy a view of the wetlands surrounding the saltwater ponds while enjoying the water that was said to be able to soothe those with gout and joint aches.

Though if you wanted some privacy, there’s a third area which houses two independent private Jacuzzis, complete with toilets, bath and gazebo. Each of these units can accommodate a group or a family of up to eight people. There are also available spas for those interested to spend a bit more time just relaxing, breathing in that island air.

Just a bit of reminder, it might be best if you call ahead to check on the temperature of the springs before making any plans to visit. If you’re pregnant or someone with severe medical conditions, you might want to check with your physician or get their approval that it’s not going to affect your health before you dip your toe into the water for your safety.

Of course, the hot springs are not the only thing you can experience while you visit Ayer Hangat. If scorching hot water is not your thing, you can always walk around the village and appreciate the Malay-style building scattered throughout the location. It’s a sight you’re not likely to see much of in bustling cities around the world. Buildings with its own stories to tell and art forms that might be gone if not preserved stood proudly for many to see and admire. Though you might want to be careful about walking into a house someone actually lives in.

The lush landscape is not something you should miss either. A village surrounded by wetlands on a tropical island, Ayer Hangat certainly is a sight to see. Take a moment to breathe in the air and maybe even stop by to snap a few pictures for your social media. Though it might not quite capture the feeling at the moment as you stood there watching the vast greenery before your eyes. Given that Malaysia is a country with tropical rainforest climate, you’d get to see various species you might not catch elsewhere outside of the country as well.

We understand that there are those who are interested in cultural performance as well and believe us Ayer Hangat would not disappoint. There are scheduled performances of local dances for interested parties. However, you might have to check the schedule with your local tour guide to find out when the next available show would be. Some shows might be limited to certain pax or time.

Now that you’ve seen everything there is to see in Ayer Hangat and snapped all the photos you wanted, you might feel a little forlorn to leave it behind. It is a beautiful place that’s hard to put into words. If photos are not enough, why not drop by at the local market to get your hands on local products. Or maybe even a keychain on your way to your next adventure. Maybe, just maybe the reminder that you once step foot on a saltwater hot spring paradise would tempt you to return one day. Until then, you’d have something to look and smile at the memories you made, conversations you had and friends you came across while you’re there.

Ayer Hangat Village Entrance
Adult RM 15.00
Children below 5 years old RM 10.00

(mykad will get price entrance RM 10.00, children 5.00)

Private Jacuzzi 2 persons RM 199.00
Private Jacuzzi 3 persons RM 225.00
Private Jacuzzi 4 persons RM 279.00
Private Jacuzzi 5 persons RM 399.00

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Ayer Hangat Village

Jalan Air Hangat, Mukim Air Hangat, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah
info@ayerhangat.com (Reservations) or sales@ayerhangat.com (Groups)
Telephone: +60 11-1950 6460 (Reservations)