Activities For Backpackers and Travelers in Langkawi

A few miles off the Malaysia west coast is the hidden gem of Langkawi. The island is a top tourism hotspot in peninsular Malaysia and with its breathtaking landscape, white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters you can see why. While it’s considered a very romantic and honeymoon kind of destination-Langkawi is also a backpacker paradise. 

The archipelago of islands makes for some great day trips for backpackers, whether you are travelling solo or as a group. We recommend having a tailored itinerary to make the most of your stay in Langkawi and enjoy the island to the fullest. After all, there are so many activities for backpackers and travellers to do and see here. Budget travel options are remarkable!

When it comes to accommodation, Langkawi has much to offer for backpackers travelling on a budget. There is a wide variety of hotels, resorts and lodges with all bells and whistles you may need as a modern-day traveller. A plush mattress, individual pods, bars, restaurants and well-maintained bathrooms are all part of the package in most of the accommodation.

Kuah is the most vibrant port town in Langkawi, and staying here is easy and convenient for backpackers. It has a variety of affordable accommodation for backpackers looking to experience the best that Langkawi has to offer, without breaking the bank. The major attractions and activities on the island are accessible from different locations across the island. Let’s explore some of the things to do in Langkawi to soak up the bliss and have some adventures of a lifetime!

Ayer Hangat Hot Springs
While in Langkawi, you can’t miss visiting the famous Ayer Hangat Hot Springs, one of the three natural saltwater hot springs in the world (the others being in Japan and Taiwan). Soaking your feet in the hot springs guarantees an excellent wellness experience. It not only helps detoxify your body but can relieve rheumatologic aches and is a powerful antibacterial for the skin. Are you an athlete visiting Langkawi? You can use the therapeutic natural springs to soothe sports injuries. It’s a highly recommended method to relax the body.

Ayer Hangat Village offers a Malay wellness program that utilizes herbs and plants proven to have some healing properties. After a busy day exploring the island, backpackers and travellers can enjoy some traditional Malay Massage, Malay Traditional Exercises, and other well-known Traditional Malay Wellness therapies.

If you need to revitalize and rejuvenate with some privacy, AHV has 12 independent private Jacuzzis, complete with toilets, bath and gazebo. The private jacuzzi can accommodate up to 8 people and are an excellent choice for couples or group travellers. Ayer Hangat Village is worth including in your itinerary, as it promises a beneficial and refreshing experience for backpackers and travellers looking for total body revitalization. 

Taste some local cuisines
Langkawi is a mecca for foodies, and the variety of Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisine is a delight for the palate. With so much to choose from, Langkawi is a treat for all the senses. You can not only learn about the array of Malay food but also experience first-hand the cooking methods. 

Some visitors even take a cooking course and prepare some mouthwatering authentic dishes themselves. The Ayer Hangat Village’s traditional Malay cooking course, in particular, introduces backpackers and travellers to several traditional Malay favorites such as Rendang, and Nasi Lemak among others. 

Beach time
Every adventurous backpacker wants to hit the beach, right? Especially in case you are travelling to an island destination famous for white sandy beaches. If you wish to tuck toes in the sand, there are plenty of options available. The white sandy beaches stretch for miles and miles with unmatched views of the Andaman Sea.

A good number of beaches are pristine and mostly undeveloped, thus providing a more authentic tropical experience. The beaches are perfect for an adventure stroll, especially for backpackers and travellers with time/desire to explore. Also, you can do some refreshing swimming or go for a short diving trip. The beaches, especially Pantai Cenang, have impressive sunset views. You can find some bar along the beach for a memorable sundowner. 

Cenang town, which is right on the beach, is a social place for both locals and foreign visitors. It’s packed-out with pubs and restaurants lining the streets and has a vibrant nightlife. Tanjung Rhu beach is another beautiful beach that is situated on the northern side. The beach is nestled in mangrove forests and provides a tranquil experience. After some beach time here, you can visit the nearby Perangin Waterfalls, which is very scenic. 

Ride a motorbike or bicycle
Considering that Langkawi doesn’t have public transport, riding a motorbike is a recommended choice to get around the island. You can also ride a bicycle through extensive paddy fields and jungle trails, for a more authentic experience. 

The waterfalls in Langkawi are a magnificent sight and provide an excellent hiking location. You can even have a refreshing swim below some of the waterfalls, and then enjoy a picnic at one of the picturesque spots. The seven wells waterfall is the most famous of them all, which has incredible pools to take a dip. Langkawi’s waterfalls are especially scenic during the end of the rainy season as there is more water.

Climb Gunung Raya Mountain
This is the highest mountain on the island. The mountain has arguably the best sunset viewing spot in Langkawi. Gunung Raya Mountain can easily be accessed by motorbike or car. However, taking the stairs and climbing, providing the best adventure for backpackers and travellers. Also, a visit to Langkawi is not complete without taking the island’s thrilling cable car. At the top, you can walk across the sky-walkway and enjoy a unique view of the archipelago. 

Culture experience
For many people, a vacation or weekend getaway is not complete without immersing themselves into the local culture. Langkawi is an excellent location to experience different cultures and achieve a different view on life. Many diverse backpackers and travellers flock to Ayer Hangat Village to watch the Malay traditional bamboo musical concert performed by a small group of children and adults with colorful and beautiful dances. 

Bamboo dream at Ayer Hangat Village presents a selection of bamboo art performances and traditional dances including Tarian Bamboo, Wayang Kulit demonstration (shadow puppet show), Malaysia Truly Asia Dance and much more. You can even join in the fun and bust a few moves. Besides the thrilling performance, you get to enjoy delicious local Malay dishes made with bamboo.

Also, the Malay Heritage Tour is a major highlight for backpackers and travellers in Langkawi to learn the ethnicity and history of the Malays. Visitors get a first-hand experience of the different Malay traditions from birth to marriage. Also, you learn about authentic Malay food and fashion throughout the years. 

Duty-free shopping
Langkawi is one of the few regions in Malaysia that enjoy duty-free status. The shopping experience here is exceptional– even if you’re on a budget. Also, there are many useful shops for backpackers in Langkawi, which come in handy if you need to have something fixed or shopping.

Getting to Langkawi
Langkawi is about a 1-hour ferry ride away from both from the mainland of Malaysia and neighboring Thailand. Alternatively, you can fly to the island via the Langkawi international airport. Langkawi is well connected via direct flights to and from Kuala Lumpur, Kota Bharu, Penang, Singapore and even Guangzhou.

Travelling to Langkawi via ferry from the mainland is possible from three locations-Penang (Georgetown, Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah). Some backpackers and travellers also get to Langkawi by ferry from Thailand. 

Ayer Hangat Village

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